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    Frequently asked Questions
    Will moss live indoors without light?
    What about dust?
    It is extremely rare to put dust on moss, since it feeds on moisture, in In case of dust ingress, blow away with cold air.
    How long does stabilized moss and plants live?
    Moss 7-10 years, plants 5-7 years.
    Do moss and plants require watering?
    Green, is it the natural color of moss yagel?
    No, it's gray in nature.
    How is the panel attached?
    Cork base on silicone glue or double-sided tape, the basis of MDF on self-tapping screws.
    Can I install myself?
    Yes, we give clear instructions.
    Does moss crumple when sent by mail?
    No, we pack so that the product does not crumble.
    Flexible panel from Zelenka Studio can be an amazing gift

    By the way, 30% of our customers buy panels as a gift, and then come back to us, buy the product for themselves. Because despite the busyness, hassle and stress, we all want to come to cozy and elegant house. Work in a beautiful office, the atmosphere in which disposes to productive work and creativity. In other words to see beauty around you.

    If you live in another city, make an order by phone or on website, and get your beauty in 2-3 days. She will come in the branded cardboard box. Such material does not deform over time Transportation and reliably protects the product from possible damage.

    All colors are available.